Weekly News for Friday, 3 31 17

Weekly News for Friday, March 31, 2017

Weekly News for Friday, March 31, 2017



Congratulations!!  Congratulations to the following students who have received acceptance letters to the institution of their choice:



Adam C.

Baylor, Rice, TAMU, UTSA, UTD, UH, UHCL

Adedamola A.

University of Texas San Antonio

Ahsan Q.

University of Houston Clear Lake

Alejandra A.

Sam Houston State University

Allison D.

University of Houston

Amelia M.

Sam Houston State University, Texas A&M CC

Andrea L.

Lamar University, Texas Tech University, University of Houston

Andrew H.


Arelie F.

University of Houston

Barbara P.

Texas State University

Brandon T.

US Navy

Brooke B.

University of Texas Austin, University of Houston, UTPB

Chase C.

Texas A&M, UTSA, UT Dallas, University of Houston

Christopher A.

The University of Texas San Antonio

Christopher B.

University of Houston, University of Houston-Clear Lake

Cooper R.

UH, UH Downtown, UHCL, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

Daisy T.

University of Houston

Elizabeth Q.

University of Houston, University of Houston-Clear Lake

Emily P.

Texas Southern University

Emily S.

University of Texas Dallas, University of Houston

Evan C.

University of Houston

Imran S.

Baylor, Texas Tech, University of Houston

Jacqueline F.

Texas Woman’s University, UT Dallas, UH, Texas State, UT Austin

Jane B.

Colorado State University, University of Houston

Jennifer D.

Texas A&M University, University of Texas Dallas

Jennifer P.

Sam Houston State University, Stephen F. Austin, UH Downtown

Jerry W.

Lamar University, UTSA, University of Houston (Honors College)

Kaitlyn A.

University of Houston

Kaitlyn R.

University of Houston

Kathy N.

Houston Baptist, Lamar, UT Arlington, University of Houston

Kenneth T.

Texas Tech University, University of Texas Dallas

Kevin B.

University of Houston

Keziah A.

Houston Baptist, UTSA, UH, UHCL, UH Downtown

Kyle Y.

Texas A&M Galveston

Lauren E.

University of Houston-Clear Lake

Leif S.

Texas State University, Texas Tech University, University of New Mexico

Leni V.

Baylor, Penn State, TAMU, Texas Tech, OU, UH

Mackenzie C.

Stephen F. Austin State University

Maxene M.

University of Houston Clear Lake

Megan M.

University of Houston Clear Lake

Megan P.

Texas A&M, Texas Tech, University of Texas Austin

Michelle K.

Duke University, University of Texas Austin, University of Houston

Monique V.

University of Dallas, University of Houston

Naji H.

University of Houston-Clear Lake

Omayr I.

UT Dallas, University of Houston, University of St. Thomas

Orlando B.

Texas Tech University, University of North Texas, UT Austin

Ozvaldo L.

Lamar University

Paola Z.

UT, UTSA, UH, UL, Col Sch of Mines, Case Western Reserve, U of Pittsburg

Rebecca N.

Baylor University, Texas A&M, University of Texas Austin, UTSA

Sarah H.

Allegheny College, University of Houston

Sarah D.

Lamar University, Texas Southern University, Texas Tech, UTSA

Sarah S.

Grinnell College, TAMU, UT, UH, Wesleyan

Shahrukh L.

University of Houston-Clear Lake, Texas Tech

Sharyn B.

Sam Houston State, Stephen F. Austin, UTSA, UTPB, UH, UHCL

Sheikh H.

Jan Jacinto College South

Sidney J.

University of Houston

Sofia S.

Texas Woman’s University, University of Texas SA, University of Houston

Steven L.

University of Houston

Timothy S.

Lamar University, Texas Woman’s University, University of Houston

Trish H.

Texas A&M, University of Texas Austin, University of Houston

Trong M.

Baylor University

Trung N.

University of Houston

Vy T.

University of Texas Austin, Middlebury College, Wesleyan University

Wasifuddin S.

Texas Tech, UT Brownsville, UTSA, Lamar University



We would like to thank Domino’s Pizza for sponsoring pizzas for our Booster Club Student Appreciation day this past Friday!!  Thank you Domino’s!!



Late Bus:  Clear Horizons provides a late bus that runs every Tuesday and Thursday at 4:45 PM (NEW TIME).  The late bus will be in front of our school by 4:45 PM each Tuesday and Thursday and typically departs within 10 minutes. The late bus will drop off in two locations: The East side of 45 at Clear Creek High School and on the West side of 45 at Brookside Intermediate. Students who are planning on riding the late bus must request a pass from the office. The request must be made for official business only (ie tutorials, a rehearsal, detention, etc.). A bus pass must be picked up before 1:00 p.m. on the day you want to ride (Tuesday or Thursday). No bus passes will be issued after lunch.  If you do not have a pass you will not be allowed to ride the bus.   If no one has picked up a late bus pass, the bus will be cancelled. Students, make sure that your parent/guardian knows that you are staying late and catching the late bus. The front office closes at 3:45 PM.  When signing up for pass students must include the following:

1) Purpose – Why are you staying late?

2) Location from 3:30 – 4:45 – Where will you be?

3) Parent Permission – Did you let your parent know you were staying late?

The reason we must have this information is so that we can find you in case of an emergency.


Prom Tickets:  Prom Tickets will be sold for $50 this week.  All tickets must be bought exclusively from Ms. James, either in the morning before advisory, or after the school day ends.  Students may not come during class time to purchase tickets.  If a student would like to bring a non-Clear Horizons guest, they must pick up a guest form from the front office.  All forms should be picked up in time to receive the necessary signatures from the guest’s school as well as from Clear Horizons administration.  Forms must be completed at the time of ticket purchase.

In addition, to attend prom, all seniors must be in attendance for the Field Trip scheduled for April 21.


Distracted Driving Simulator:  The South Belt-Ellington Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Distracted Driving Seminar Saturday, April 8, during their Family Fun Fest.  The event will be from 4 – 8 PM at Clear Brook City Park located at the corner of Blackhawk and Scarsdale.


Amazon Smile!  The Clear Horizons Booster Club is now on Amazon Smile!  Simply follow this link https://smile.amazon.com/ch/26-3510958 and you will be donating to the Clear Horizons Booster Club!!  The link looks like a generic CCISD identification, but it is really for the Clear Horizons Boosters!


NHS Table Tutors: Would you like to have a free tutor who has successfully navigated the Horizons workload? Come to the BQR on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to get immediate help, schedule an after school tutoring session (held in a high school teacher's classroom), or to find out more about secrets of success at Horizons. These friendly experienced tutors will be stationed at a table near check-in between 1:15 -1:45 pm. What a great resource - but only if you use it! 


Advisory: Advisory class begins at 8:00 AM Monday through Friday.  Students who arrive after 8:00 AM MUST report to the office to check into school, regardless of their arrival time throughout the day.  The only time a student may report directly to class is to advisory class at 8:00 AM. 



Dress Code:  Clear Horizons follows the CCISD dress code.  The student dress code can be found on our website under the “For Parents” tab or the “For Students” tab.  http://chechs.ccisd.net/UserFiles/Servers/Server_655841/File/Dress%20Code%202016%202017.pdf



The Week Ahead:


Late Bus Change:  Beginning Tuesday, April 4, the Clear Horizons Late bus will pick up at 4:45 PM instead of 5:00 PM.  Please be aware your student will arrive at Clear Creek High School or Brookside Intermediate earlier than usual. 


Late Arrival Day: Wednesday, April 5, is a CCISD High School Late Arrival Day.  There will be no morning neighborhood buses available due to CCISD High School Late Arrival. Clear Horizons buses will still run from the 5 zoned high schools (a shuttle does not run from Clear View High School on Late Arrival Days).  Clear Horizons does not participate in Late Arrival Days, therefore all Clear Horizons students are required to attend all classes on that day.


Future Happenings:


National Library Week:  The week of April 10 is National Library Week!!  National Library Day is actually Tuesday, April 11.  Say thanks to a librarian!!


Superintendent Scholars Years 1-3:  Clear Horizons will honor the 1-3 Year Superintendent Scholars with a ceremony the night of Tuesday, April 11, at 7:00 PM in the Fine Arts Building, building 15.


NHS Induction Ceremony:  The NHS will welcome new members with a ceremony the night of Wednesday, April 12, at 7:00 PM in the BQR.


Student Holiday:  Both CCISD and SJC will have a student/teacher holiday Friday, April 14.  Enjoy the break!