Daily News for Monday, August 22, 2016

Daily News for Monday, August 22, 2016
Posted on 08/22/2016

Monday, August 22, 2016


Happy first day of school!  Welcome to Clear Horizons 2015-2016!!!


Advisory:  Today and every day student will report to Advisory class by 8:00 AM.  Advisory is a critical class for students each day as we disseminate crucial information and touch base with every student.  Juniors meet in the BQR and Seniors meet in S7.152.  Students in grades 9 and 10 will see their names and Advisory locations posted in the main hallways on the first day of school.


Advisory teachers will have SJC class room numbers Monday for students who were unable to see their SJC SOS.


Online Registration:  Parents, if you have not verified your student’s information online please do so by going to click the “@Home” button and signing in with your Skyward user name and password.  If you are having trouble or you did not have a Skyward account last year please contact Mrs. Thomas by email at jothomas@ccisd.net  with your Student’s Name and the parent’s email address or the email you registered with last year.


Proof of Residence:  Every family each year must provide a proof of residence to the school each of their students attends.  If you did not participate in early registration this summer you must provide a proof of residence for the 2016-2017 school year.  Acceptable forms of a proof of residence are the following:


Utility Bill (gas, water or electricity only)

Lease agreement

Mortgage statement


Please include your student’s name and grade level on the copy of your proof of residence.  Parents are welcome to send the proof of residence to the Clear Horizons front office with their student or you can drop it off in person.



Textbooks:  Students who did not attend early textbook pickup will receive high school (grades 9 – 11) or college (grades 11-12) textbooks the first day of school.  The remainder of college books will be distributed on the following schedule:


Wednesday, August 24, and Thursday, August 25 – Juniors

Friday, August, 26 – Freshmen, Sophomores, and Seniors


Additional information

  • Due to the scale of textbook distributions, no book will be given out thr first week of school outside the above times.
  • All college books will be distributed on the above schedule.  There may be departments/courses who have nor notified Dual Credit/Clear Horizons of the needed materials by this first week of school.  In these cases, Clear Horizons will send notification to students enrolled in courses via Naviance as materials become available.
  • To ensure notification emails are received, students should  have a current email address in Naviance.
  • Book exchanges due to schedule changes will not be addressed until after the above distributions are completed.  Monday, August, 29, students may submit a Textbook Request form to the bookroom for materials needed/not needed due to a schedule change.








Service Learning:  Service learning hours should be submitted to a basket in the office where students can turn in hours at any point in the year.  To help students stay organized with Service Learing Hours, we have suggested due dates for the summer and fall semester:P


August 31 – Summer Service Learning Hours Due (Any hours accumulated over the summer should be turned in by this date.)

December 9 – Fall Service Learning Hours Due (Any hours accumulated throughout the Fall semester should be turned in by this date.)


The absolute final due date for all Service Learning hours to be submitted is:

March 31 – All Service Learning Hours (at least 20 hours) must be turned in by this date.


As service learning is a key aspect of our mission at Clear Horizons, students who do not meet the 20 hour requirement will meet with Clear Horizons administration to explain the deficit.  Students who refuse to meet the requirement will be returned to their zoned campus.


Dress Code:  Clear Horizons follows the CCISD dress code.  The student dress code can be found on our website under the “For Parents” tab or the “For Students” tab.  http://chechs.ccisd.net/UserFiles/Servers/Server_655841/File/Dress%20Code%202016%202017.pdf


Traffic:  For the first week or two of school traffic will be very heavy around all schools, including Clear Horizons and the zoned high schools.  Please plan ahead so you will not be late.  Student who ride the neighborhood bus to the zoned high school will not miss the shuttle because the shuttle will not leave until all neighborhood buses have arrived.  Students who do not ride a neighborhood bus to the zoned high school should plan on arriving no later than 7:00 AM to ensure they catch the shuttle bus. 


There is also a great deal of construction occurring along I-45.  If you do not ride the bus, you should plan to leave extra early until you see the traffic patterns.  Remember – bad traffic is not an excused excuse to be late to school.



SJC SOS:  Students should log into SJC SOS to check their schedules.  SJC classes in the SOS should match the SJC classes on the high school schedule.  If there is a mistake, please let your advisory teacher know so they can alert the counselors.  If you have trouble logging onto your SJC SOS or you have trouble accessing SJC digital resources, please contact the help desk at (281) 998-6137.


School Pictures:  Our school photographer will be on campus for school photos Friday, September 2.


School Holiday:  Both SJC and CCISD will have a school holiday Monday, September 5.


Open House:  The Clear Horizons Open House will take place on Thursday, September 8 at 7:00 PM in the Proscenium, Fine Arts building, Building 15.  We hope to see you all there!


Progress Reports:  All grade reports will be electronically distributed this year, unless parents utilize the online option to opt in to the paper report.  We will include this information in the weekly callouts leading up to the first three week progress report.  The first progress report of the year will be posted on Thursday, September 15.


Late Arrival Day: Wednesday, September 21, is a CCISD High School Late Arrival Day.  There will be no morning neighborhood buses available due to CCISD High School Late Arrival. Clear Horizons buses will still run from the 5 zoned high schools (a shuttle does not run from Clear View High School on Late Arrival Days).  Clear Horizons does not participate in Late Arrival Days, therefore all Clear Horizons students are required to attend all classes on that day.


Parent Information Night:  Clear Horizons will conduct our first Parent Information Night of the year Tuesday, September 27, beginning at 7:00 PM.  Our amazing counselors will discuss all you ever wanted or needed to know about Naviance.  You don’t want to miss this session! 


CCISD Student Holiday:  CCISD students will have a school holiday Friday, September 30.  As there are no college classes on Fridays, Clear Horizons students will be able to enjoy a three day weekend!


Have a great school year!!



Upcoming Events:


August 24 & 25: Junior textbook distribution via ISM Class

August 26: Freshman, sophomore, and senior textbook distribution

August 26: Fall Social

August 31:  Great date to turn in all your summer Service Learning hours!

September 2: School Pictures

September 5: SJC and CCISD Holiday

September 8: Clear Horizons Open House

September 15: Progress Reports Posted

September 21: HS Late Arrival Day (Clear Horizons does not participate; Classes begin 8:00 AM)

September 27: Clear Horizons Parent Information Night 7:00 PM

September 30:  CCISD student holiday